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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

31 Days of Adventure: Day 31 - The End, An $11 Veggie Burger and The Release Party


Well, it's the end of the month and what a month it's been. I've had great time celebrating the month of my birth: lots of great food, a great birthday trip, a little heartbreak, some shopping, great times with friends, it's just been a great month. Thank you all for indulging me and bearing with me....Sorry if I bored you at times.

Today was a great day, a great way to end the month. It started with me realizing that I had accidental coordination - the pedicure that I had on Sunday matched the dress I wore today. It's not that hard since there was pink involved...but it was interesting because the exact shades....hmmmm!


Then my March work bud, and I went to lunch at Cheeseburger Bobby's in Norcross. We asked up front about special of the day - nothing; Birthday month special - nothing. Two for one special - nothing. We conceded that there was no discount available. My lunch mate ordered a Cheeseburger with french fries - she wanted greasy to end the month! I ordered the veggie burger, but asked if I could have it prepared like the Carolina Burger without the bacon...this would be Cheddar Cheese, Cole Slaw, BBQ sauce, it just sounded so yummy and fries. T.hen I got the shock of the month $11+. What?!! I didn't quite understand since the beef version of this was $7.99 It was explained to me that the $4.99 Veggie Burger was required to have everything else added on and now cost more than the original burger! Here's how the dialogue went:

Me: "Why? What?"

Lawrence the Cashier: "The Veggie Burger is a set price and everything (Cheddar Cheese, Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce is an add on)

Me: "The add on's cost more than the burger? So the Veggie Burger cost more than the beef? I can't just swap out the Veggie Pattie for the beef burger? It's not even a really good veggie burger. It seems that it should be the same price or maybe less!"

Lawrence the Cashier; "No, you can't swap out the pattie for the burger. Everything is an add on."

"Guy at the Side": Oh what I do sometimes is get the bun and fill it with the veggies."

Me: "Does that cost less?"

"Guy at the Side": "No, it's the same price as the Veggie Burger"

Me: "So I would do that why? I will have the plain Veggie Burger and Fries"(mumbling at this point - "Reason #638 why I pack my own lunch - March was just a celebratory month")

Now maybe I'm becoming cheap as I mature, but this just didn't make sense to me. After all of this I did enjoy my lunch which cost less than $10. And have enough veggies from the fixin's bar to make another sandwich if I choose to.



For the past couple of weeks I've been walking around with a little extra baggage that I've been trying to get rid of. I'd planned to have a Release Party a little earlier in the month but could never get around to it. The Release Party is supposed to be a physical representation of what I've already resolved in my head to do - release some stuff so I can move on.

So after my "exciting lunch" we went to select a few balloons to release, symbolically letting go of some stuff that we've both been holding onto for a while.

I chose the following:

1) A smiley face, which I decided to keep at my desk...after all I need a reminder to "Be Happy".

2) A Happy Birthday Monkey - symbolically getting the monkey off my back

3) And a red heart - symbolically releasing things that were weighing heavy on my heart.

Lunch mate got a red heart and loaded all her stuff on that one balloon.

As I was getting ready to leave work I wrote on my balloons with the stuff that I needed to let go and we headed out. As we were deciding where to release our stuff, the wind picked up and was actually blowing the balloons side if we wouldn't be able to get rid our our stuff. So we sat at a picnic table and talked about the things we wanted to let go and then it was time. Lunch mate went first...her balloon got stuck in a tree for a few minutes. It released itself and then got stuck in another tree before finally heading for the open sky. Maybe that means something - but I don't want to read anything into it....This is a release party. Then it was my turn. I let the monkey go first...releasing a bunch of "monkey on my back" issues. Then it was the hearts time to fly. I have to admit although it was only symbolic, it felt good as we watched them float out of sight.

On the way out of the park we saw a beautiful blooming tree. It reminded me that there are cycles in life. Sometimes we blossom or bloom and stretch to reach new heights. During the year if there is a period where we seem dormant, it's OK, just regroup until the blooming cycle comes again, it's fall or winter.

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