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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

31 Days of Adventure: Day 10 - I Love the City Where I Live

I love the city where I live. There is a lot to love about Roswell! Today I picked just a three, including one that took me out on adventure.

Number 1: Parks for days! Roswell has many parks. If you're walking, running, biking, boating (canoe, kayak or the Georgia State Rowing Crew), bringing your dog or children or a portable outdoor lunch, want to play volleyball, soccer, tennis, softball, cricket, looking for outdoor Saturday night movie for the kids or a concert down by the river complete with food trucks, I'm hard pressed to find a scenario for which you won't find a park in Roswell that's just for you. Use this link to view a map of Roswell's Parks. If it sounds like I'm writing for the tourist board, I'm just proud of my City!

Number 2: Getting in and getting out...normal Greater Atlanta rush hours aside, Roswell is pretty easy to get into and get out of. Right off of GA 400 or Highway 9, you can reach most neighborhoods easily, even the ones tucked away on the west side of the city.

Number 3: Recycling - It may not seem like an adventure, remember that sometimes the excitement is in the ordinary and it's good to know that my city is concerned about the environment. Today's adventure took me to our Recycling Center, which it is located in the area that I've coined "Rospharetta". The center belongs to the City of Roswell, but is actually located in the City of Alpharetta at 11570 Maxwell Road.
11570 Maxwell Road - Roswell Recycling Center

I've been trying to get there since I burnt out several shredders....from the $25 variety to the $99 variety and decided to stop purchasing them. I've known for a while that as a Roswell Resident, I can bring two bankers boxes or two paper boxes, per day to the recycling center and watch them shred the contents right in front of me, thus avoiding the grinding, smoking, failing distress of past misguided shredding adventures. I finally made it there on my lunch break today with one box of shredding material and a bag of water bottles (don't judge - I had company). I'm thinking of putting another box together for Thursday when I work at home again.

The leg of a fellow Roswell resident, waiting for shredding services

I learned a few things at the recycling center today:

a) There's a lot of wine drunk in Roswell. I saw many, many wine bottles being sorted in the glass/plastics area. It made me thinking of a craft project I saw on if I ever need supplies...hmmmm!

b) You can make a single Goodwill drop, recycling stop, shredding's all right there at the Recycling Center.
Goodwill Donation Location on the back side of the Recycling Center

c) Roswell Recycling Center employees! Well let me put it this way - there are a number of retail establishments that could learn something from them!

The whole experience was great. It made me want to be, (in the paraphrased words of Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets") be a better recycler.

Hopefully we'll leave a better Roswell and Georgia for the next generation

I really could do more to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I'm going to give it a shot. How about you?

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