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Monday, March 23, 2015

31 Days of Adventure: Day 23 - The Afterwards!

I have to say that this Monday had two high points.

1.  The massage I had this morning - I was a bit sore this morning.  (Bad prep for the 5K I ran yesterday + hills).  A silly little 5K and I feel worse than October when I did the 10 miler or
Thanksgiving when I did the Half Marathon.   So if I'm going to keep this thing up, time to do better!

2.  The Epsom Salts bath I had after I got home from work.

I was warned that the massage would end up leaving me sorer than before and I have to say she was right on.   By the time I left work - ouch.   But I followed instructions and kept moving, drinking water and plunged into a nice relaxing Epsom Salts bath as soon as I got home and I'm feeling better.

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