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Thursday, March 19, 2015

31 Days of Adventure - Day 19 Patience, Now!

I've had a great day

1)  Did my weekly weigh-in and registered 1.5 misplaced pounds!

2) Worked only 1/2 day.  1/2 day play day!

3)  Had lunch with a fellow Marchette at Taqueria del Sol.   Great lunch, even better company!

4)All of this was topped off by an unplanned visit to A Classy Clutter in Roswell - I've been looking for a dining room table and I'm pretty sure people who I describe it to think I'm crazy.  My specifications include:  round, pedestal base (not clunky, elegant, unique), not too big, has to have extensions, I don't need chairs because I have some already, wood. All of this, within a small budget. I considered Craigslist and actually reached out with interest on a few tables, but never heard back or the table was sold out from under me. Then after our rash of Atlanta Craigslist "excitement", I decided to leave that route alone.

I've looked high and low in town, went to Asheville (not the primary reason) and then this afternoon as I was getting ready to turn right, something said "turn left"...I've passed by A Classy Clutter many times while on routine trips and never went in.  As I entered and was greeted (+), asked if I was looking for anything special (+), I was left to look around on my own (+). 

I poked around, lots of brooches, jewelry, china, linens...really cute place and well set up. Again, I heard "turn left" and there it was! My table! Nervous, I asked the sales lady (should have gotten her name) to assist me. She was so pleasant (+) we chatted on the way back to the table and when she got there, she squealed in delight...I couldn't quite place the accent, maybe Australian or South African? She then went on to explain that it had been delivered just a couple of days ago and she was thinking of painting it, it has two leaves. The outside edge of the table has a marquetry design, and each leaf has the same inlay around the edges. Anyway, when I asked her how much - it was $75 below the budget I had set.

It's raining today, so I'm picking up the table in the morning.  Pictures will follow.
I've not had a table since I sold my old table to a friend in September. I entertained family at Christmas with no dining table. Mom wasn't thrilled, but it didn't bother me. I had family again early this month with no dining table. I haven't been eating at the table as all diet/healthy eating gurus tell you should be done. It wasn't bothering me and I knew that the perfect table and I would meet when it was time. It would fit my specifications, be within budget and I'd know it when I saw it. I saw tables with the wrong base, too big, too small, too clunky, over my budget. I considered settling, but am so glad that I didn't.

Aaah...that I had the patience to wait for all things. I need to remember, patience!

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