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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stop Planning and Start Doing!

On occasion I can successfully complete something on the spur of the moment.  However, I've learned and am still learning that anything worth doing, for me is worth having a plan including preparing for contingencies.   

It might sound odd, but the reason I can pull off the spur of the moment is that I'm always planning.   I can't tell you how many dinner, birthday and graduation parties I've hosted in my brain.   I've built houses and cabins, remodeled (once in real life) kitchens, bathrooms and decorated spacious and luxurious master retreats.   This brain does not rest.   Sometimes this gets me in trouble as I'm steps ahead of someone that I'm just starting a relationship with.   It does however help with my job and other aspects of life.

The one issue other than the relationship jumping in my brain, is that I'm always mentally tired!  This year, I'm trying to slow the brain down and get a few of these plans out of the planning phase and into action.   The challenge?   Picking just a handful, maybe not even a full handful but a loose handful, to physically complete this year.   It took me a while, but I had my selections completed (prior to 1/1) and I'm working on them with fierce determination and sometimes fierce relaxation!

I'm learning that I can't do everything, so when asked I may contemplate the task, it's scope and whether I have the time to commit.   This process may take longer than the requester finds reasonable.  But when I say I will, I will and I want to make sure that I can, while maintaining the proper balance in my life complete the task in a manner I can be proud of.   What I realize is that although I do things that others find to be "grand",  like taking a vacation on my own or waking up on a Saturday morning and heading for a day in the mountains, on a day to day basis I've been skipping over me for a while.

So.....while this may seem like a post that I should have posted right at the beginning of the year.   This year I decided that rather than start something that I wouldn't finish, (since a lot of research shows that before January is over, most people who make resolutions have abandoned them) I would start first and talk later.  Stay tuned