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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Spot of Tea

At the end of last year, close to Christmas, I had a Christmas Wish.   Now this wasn't the ordinary I want this and that and one of those type Christmas Wish, but one for what would really matter to me in the new year.   

I find especially at Christmas that we tend to try to overcompensate and end up spending a lot more than we should sometimes on people that do not really need gifts from us.   So my Christmas Wish was for time.  Time to spend with my friends and family in the new year making memories and just reconnecting.   In the technology age, although we're more connected than ever, I don't think we're really connecting.

Today, my friend and I made good on the first of my "Time Wishes".   We had tea.    Now a little history.   We're both from islands which either were or are part of the British Commonwealth and have a great British influence.   Neither of us had ever been to tea before so it was a new experience and we would spend the time reconnecting.

Our chosen location a local tea house in a small town  not far away.   We didn't quite know what to expect.    It was a relaxed and quaint setting in a converted house from another century.  Each room of the house was set up with 3 to 4 tables set with a nice mix of china, silver and cloth napkins.  The service was on point, attentive, but not overbearing. With a full (4 pages) tea menu, it was a little difficult to narrow down our choice, but we agreed on a pot of Mandarin Mango Green Tea. Two Island girls, I think they had us at "Mango". We chose well, it was delish with proper sugar cubes. 

 We finished all three levels of our tea caddy (that's the food)...Tier 1 scones and fruit; 

 Tier 2 assorted sandwiches including a tasty pimento cheese, a raisin bread cream cheese and a lovely, light and refreshing cucumber sandwich;

and Tier 3 - dessert.

After we had drained the teapot we sat and chatted for a while.

The most wonderful part was making good on the first of the gifts from my Holiday Wish. The gift of an afternoon spent with a friend. Thank you for a great afternoon!

What gifts are important to you?   What goals do you have for the New Year?  How do you plan to accomplish them?

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