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Monday, March 9, 2015

31 Days of Adventure: Day 9 - A little retail therapy.

I enjoy retail therapy.  I've been doing much better lately as I've stopped the reflexive super shopping that I used to, finally figuring out that the momentary euphoria doesn't feel so good later.   Now I use window shopping and a new little game that I play when I need a bit of retail therapy,   "How little can I spend?"

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hoarder, but I have bought stuff I have no business buying or buy things just in case.    I a familial thing, my dad is a multiples purchaser.     If one is good and two is better - 4 is necessary.

The Book Store - My first stop.   I used to spend whole afternoons at the bookstore perusing books, magazines and other knickknacks at Barnes and Noble.    Independent bookstores get me going even more and when they are in an old historic building it's even better.   I think about The Montague Bookmill in Massachusetts or Malaprops Bookestore in Asheville.    These are places that carry a wider variety of books and while they need to turn a profit are not tied to popular best seller lists.  But this time I settled in at a table pulling a small selection of books to review.    I love the bookstore, I love books,  I really could have stayed all evening.   But I decided that today browsing was enough and I moved on to my next stop.

Looking for some decorating inspiration.

Pottery Barn....I usually walk through this store to get ideas for furniture layout and accessorizing.   I poke around to see what's new or look at the candles and then head for the clearance.   They are pretty clever in that the clearance isn't relegated to the back of the store.   They place their clearance within each section of the store, so even a bargain hunter like me eventually gets through the entire store.

My plan was to get out of there for under $10....mission accomplished.

3.5 Ounces of Lavender - $5.99

Place cards:  $1.00 + 20% off - $.80 Total

Sur la Table - My last stop.    There's a new store at the mall, so I decided to poke my head in and see what was up.  So off to Sur la Table I went.   I had been in this store once before and have to say if there's anything you need for your kitchen, dining room, table top they will have it and have several choice.   Why else would there be an option of 7 - 8 garlic presses?

7 varieties of garlic press
Assorted gadgets:  These...handheld juicers
This store truly has everything you'd ever need and things you didn't know you'd need for your kitchen, dining room, table top....and in many varieties, shapes, sizes and colors.

It made me think about the "Marketing Machine"  (MM)  who's job is to convince us that we need things that we didn't know we needed.  My job is to keep my money or use it wisely, their job is to try to separate me and the money.  Well this time ME:  1 vs.  MM 0.

Overwhelmed,  I called it a day.  $8..41 later,  I had shopped...bought some things I will definitely use and escaped with barely a dent in the wallet.

Do you have something that you do that was perhaps out of control, that you brought into control.

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