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Thursday, March 19, 2015

31 Days of Adventure - Day 18 Grown up stuff!

This evening I started my taxes which will be done on Sunday. I just need to double check my documents and review my entries. I have a two step process that I follow. It really doesn't take that long and makes me feel pretty grown up.

Have you ever made the calculation that netted you a very small refund or a very small amount due when you do your taxes? You know, so you get more in your check and less on the refund? This year I adjusted my deductions to get more in my check and avoid the "refund". I got closer, but will need to make additional adjustments. I'd rather have my money "now" than get a refund at the end. This just requires adjusting your budget so you're not looking for that "big" refund.

One year, over twenty years ago, my accountant figured this out for me and I got a refund of only $27. That was a great year!

So, I'm doing some adult stuff and taking care of business today and then... back to fun tomorrow: 1/2 day work and 1/2 day play!

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