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Sunday, March 22, 2015

31 Day of Adventure: Day 22 - Running and Still Going

Started this morning with the Luckie 5K. This was part of, or the little sister of the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon which goes through downtown Atlanta starting at Centennial Park. It was raining most of the morning including the race and I was happy that we were only completing the 5K. Despite the rain and a few hills (I actually ran up the first one), it was a good race and I felt good when it was done. So as of now, there is officially no excuse for not running when it's raining.

I stopped at Publix on the way home, thinking that walking with my 5K medal on would be impressive....LOL! No one even noticed! Oh well. The reason I stopped at Publix was I needed some things to make breakfast and some soup for the week. Breakfast of 5K finisher

: Tofu Scramble with whole grain toast.

Don't ask me where I got a sudden surge of energy from, but decided to do some spring cleaning in the kitchen. I'm a bit of a kitchen hoarder so I cleaned out miscellaneous cups and mugs (you know those you receive as gifts or with candy in them, a few odd dishes and glasses and bottles that I had been hanging onto. Don't ask. I also found and old coffee pot and a few other "housewares" type things that I had been hanging onto. It was actually good to break the emotional attachment....that's really what keeps these things hanging out long beyond when they should move on. So they've been bagged up, boxed up and are ready to head to a deserving charity.

I got the kitchen cleaned from top to bottom. Just need to empty the freezer and wipe it out one evening this week and the kitchen task will be complete. Moving onto the dining room!

It was great to be so productive today. I need another couple Sundays. Maybe instead of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday! LOL

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