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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

31 Days of Adventure - Day 4: That Golden Rule - Sometimes it's the Little things

Day 4 - Sometimes it's the Little things

There are big things that happen in our lives that make a huge impact just because... well they are big things!  But I find it's the little things that either nag at me or give me that added little spark to make it through the day.   I'm going to work on doing positive little things to hopefully brighten someone else's day.  Maybe in return, I'll be repaid with some tiny gesture that changes my outlook.

Here's what I've's not the big things.  Sometimes it's the little things:

When it's not so good....

-that caraway seed from the rye bread that get's stuck in your teeth, it might as well be a log lodged in your molars!
-or when your socks slide down into your running shoes and create a ripple that's just enough to cause a blister over a few miles.  Time for new socks.
-folks who "intentionally ground"....they would rather look at the ground than look you in the eye, acknowledge your presence and say hello.

When it's better...

-an anonymous hand written note on a Post It, stuck in your cube saying "Thank You".  To me there's nothing sweeter than giving and receiving gratitude.
-the server at the restaurant who remembers that you like your salad with "All Romaine" dressing on the side.   She cared enough to pay attention and I wasn't just another customer.
-a smile and sincere welcome when you enter an establishment where you're going to spend some money.   Makes me want to stay a little longer..and maybe spend a little more.

When it's great...

-The person who "bothered" to arrive a few minutes early for your meeting and was prepared for constructive discussion.   It shows you were interested and value time - mine and yours.
-When someone comes to you with not only a problem, but has also thought through a solution as well.   It might not be the final solution, but it sure sets the tone
-When mom calls any my phone is fully charged....cause we can talk for hours or at least until the first phone dies!
-The hand of a friend, sweetheart or parent on your shoulder, the small of your back or in your hand as you struggle to overcome a rough day.  There's something about physical touch that email, texting or even a phone call can't match.

Sometimes it's the little things that make or break your day.   Remember this and do unto others...

What are the little things that get you going?

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